Meet Keeper

Meet 4 The Love of Horses newest Horse, Keeper. He is a gentle soul who loves to gallop and run. He is a very happy and lively horse. Keeper has one eye missing but that does not stop him from fully being able to everything a normal horse does. He loves to be around other horses and is gentle with children and people.

When Keeper first came to the Noble family he was picked up in Holly’s Amazing trailer and met Banjo. The two hit it off right away and have since been great friends. When Fancy first met Keeper she right away showed him around the stables and made him feel welcome.

Keeper comes to the Noble family with so much enthusiam to be part of the family. He is already trained in all aspects of Western Horsemanship and loves to be around people.

Being part of the the 4 The Love of Horses family is a welcome treat for not only Banjo and Fancy but for everyone who takes lessons at 4 the love of horses.

If you have not met keeper, please come on out to the the stables to meet him today. Contact Holly for times when he will be able to have visitors and you can see him in action and maybe even pet him. He does accept treats such as carrots or apples.

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