About Us

Holly and Banjo relaxing

We have a love and passion for horses.

4 The love of Horses is a unique, one-on-one horsemanship experience that is customized to meet your needs.  With this interactive and educational way to learn about horses, you will learn the ropes of the equine world.  Learning these techniques is something that can give you a memorable experience and possibly bring you a lifetime of joy at being able to be around and care for these amazing animals.

How would you know if you like horses if you have never been around one?  That is where 4 the love of horses comes in. We teach techniques to help the individual learn about horses including, meeting a horse, maintaining a stall, leading a horse, grooming a horse, caring for their feet, lunging a horse, saddling a horse, bridling a horse, and of course, riding a horse.

Our Team

We have a team of two extraordinary women who not only have a passion for horses but also a desire to pass along their knowledge. Both are avid horse enthusiasts and have been since birth.  They would love nothing more than to share their knowledge in the field of horsemanship to anyone who has a desire to learn.  Both of these amazing women are compassionate, caring, and patient.  They love to be around horses and have experience in both horsemanship and teaching.

Holly Noble

Founder & CEO

Holly Noble is a horse enthusiast and has been since birth.  She learned horsemanship at 10 years of age.  Holly has over 20 years of western show experience with much success.  Holly actively and enthusiastically participates in local gymkhanas.   “Our philosophy is that everyone should get a chance to learn to be around these amazing animals.  Our unique one-on-one horsemanship experience is customized to meet your needs.”

Pam McMackin

Founder & CEO

Pam McMackin is a horse enthusiast since birth.  She learned horsemanship at 12 years of age.  Pam is experienced in teaching all ages and is a retired public school teacher and administrator. “It’s wonderful to be able to see the happiness in a person’s eyes when they have accomplished something they set out to do. This is a fun and tailored way to pass along time-tested techniques that could bring the person a lifetime of joy.”

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